• Ipomoea Sweet Georgia®

    Crop Culture Report: Ipomoea batatas Sweet Georgia™

    Recommended Containers: 4” to 6” pots, combination baskets and containers

    Customer Uses: Mixed patio containers and window boxes, excellent for full sun landscape plants.

    Crop Planning from cell pack:
    Pot size: Plants per pot (pp) Crop Time (weeks)
    4” pot (10cm) 1 pp 4 to 6 weeks
    6” pot (15cm) 1 pp 6 to 8 weeks
    10” to 12” baskets 3 to 5 pp 5 to 8 weeks

    Temperature Requirement:
    Day Temperature- 72° to 80°F (22° to 26°C)
    Night Temperature- 55° to 65°F (13° to 18°C)
    Warm temperatures with ample light are optimal growing conditions for Ipomoea.

    Media and pH Requirements: Use sterile soil media with a pH range of 6.0 to 6.5. Keep evenly moist and avoid stressing plants. Stress will slow plant development and cause flowering. Once established and leaf area increases, plants will dry quickly and yellowing of leaves can occur with marginal browning from desiccation.

    Fertilizer requirements: 100 to 200 ppm N constant feed using a balanced feed.

    Pinching Requirement: Not required for 4” to 6” containers, might be optional for larger containers – a single pinch two weeks after transplanting .

    Growth Regulators: none should be required- the best type of application, if required, is a drench at low rate. Temperature is the best growth regulator since the plants grow very rapidly with increased internode length under temperatures above 70° F nights.

    Disease and Insect Pests: Aphids and White Fly are the largest problem insects. Scout for insects and use preventative programs to control.

    Comments: The Sweet Georgia™ Series was selected for improved color and growth habit compared to existing series on the market. The Sweet Georgia™ series has a compact growing habit and is excellent for small containers, with the advantage being in mixed containers since they will not overtake other plant material.
    In the landscape, this series will maintain a mounded habit reaching 24 to 30 inches in diameter.
    Odema will appear on Ipomoea foliage, like Ivy Geraniums, when internal cell pressure bursts from high humidity. Rapid and large changes in temperatures and humidity will cause Odema. Keep humidity and temperatures stable along with good air movement around plants will also help control this problem.