• Petunia Blanket®

    Crop Culture Report: Petunia Blanket®

    Recommended Containers: 4” pots, 6” pots, 10 HBs and Combination Planters

    Consumer Uses: Mixed Containers and landscape/bedding use

    Crop Planning from Cell Pack:
    Pot Size Plants per Pot (pp) Finish Time (weeks)
    4” pot (11cm) 1pp 5 to 6
    6” pot (15cm) 1pp 8 to 10
    6” pot (15cm) 3pp 5 to 8
    8 – 10” pot (20 – 25cm) 3 to 4pp 8 to 10

    Media and pH Requirements: A well-drained soil is required at a pH of 5.5 to 6.2. Water thoroughly and let soil dry between irrigations. Over watering, oxygen deprivation and poor drained soils may cause foliar chlorosis similar to Iron or Manganese deficiency. A pH above 6.5 may cause Iron (Fe) deficiencies.

    Fertilizer Requirements: Well-balanced feed at 200 to 250 PPM Nitrogen on constant basis. Additional Iron (Fe) and/or Manganese (Mn) may need to be added to stock feed for maximum growth.

    Pinching Requirements: Suggested pinch after plant is established. The liner arriving should have been pinched and/or well branched arriving to customer.

    Plant Growth Regulators: This plant will grow quickly and to great lengths.
    Two weeks after transplant, pinch again or trim dominate stems. A week later apply
    Sumagic PGR as spray at 15 to 30 ppm OR Bonzi as drench at 1 to 3 ppm for finishing.
    These plants will fill containers fully in a short period of time.

    Disease and Insect Pests: Whitefly, Thrip and Aphids
    Pythium and Botrytis: Excessive moisture for long periods of time will damage roots, causing yellowing of plants resembling a nutrient deficiency. Maintain consistent soil moisture and regularly apply preventative root rot fungicides.