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Optimum Annual™

The breeding goal of the Green Fuse® Botanicals Optimum™ Annuals program is to deliver uniformity within each series for ease of production.  Each color in each series will perform uniformly regardless of geography.  The earliness to flower allows delivery anytime of year. View all…


Life Style Plants™

Lifestyle Plants™ is our selection of plants designed for the changing life-style needs of our customers.  Lifestyle Plants™ can be grown for outdoor seasonal color or as indoor house plants. Year round availability brings all new options for seasonal programs. There no boundaries to where we can bring color into our lives! View all …

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First Light® Perennials

The First Light® Perennial program contains first year flowering varieties that require no cold treatment (vernalization) to flower and are day length neutral. The goal of First Light Perennials® is to offer perennials that can be programmed to flower as you would annual selections.  Schedule these selections to meet a desired week instead of waiting for the traditional photoperiod.  This will not only remove many weeks of crop time allowing for additional rotations, but also dramatically saves on labor as the crops are able to always be fresh.
View all…



The Green Fuse® Botanicals multiple variety mixes are striking in appearance and feature a carefully selected color palette to complement any environment. View all…

Equinox Perennials

This collection of perennials all exhibits extremely unique attributes that validate their inclusion into the Green Fuse® Botanicals perennial program.  While they do require vernalization and/ or long days, their flower intensity ensures excellent sell through. View all…

You can find Green Fuse® Botanicals at some of the industry’s key events and tradeshows across North America. Please stop by to see Green Fuse® Botanicals’ products in person, and to discuss how we can help you bring your business to the next level of success. We look forward to seeing you!