• Purslane Hot Shots™

    Series: Purslane Hot Shot™

    Recommended Containers: Pots and Hanging Baskets, combination planters.

    Consumer Uses: Tolerates hot, dry landscape conditions. Hanging Baskets and mixed containers.

    Crop Planning from cell pack:
    Pot Size Plants per pot (pp) Finish Time (weeks)
    4” pot (10 cm) 1 pp 6
    6 to 8” pots (15 to 20 cm) 3 pp 6 to 8
    10” pot (25 cm) 4 to 5 pp 8 to 10

    Temperature Requirement:
    Day – 70° to 90°F (21° to 31°C)
    Night – 65° to 70°F (18° to 21°C)

    Media and pH Requirements: Use a sterile well-drained soil mix with a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5. Water thoroughly and allow soil to dry out completely between watering.

    Fertilizer requirements: Constant feed at 100 to 200 ppm N

    Pinching requirements: Pinching will encourage branching, pots can be sheared back to shape and fill.

    Growth Regulators: Trials show that Florel™ is effective in chemically pinching and promoting lateral branch development. Trial rate of 500 ppm was effective.

    Disease and insect pests:
    Aphids and Thrip- Thrip are large problem destroying flowers and damaging foliage. Preventative sprays to control Thrip are suggested.
    Pythium- Avoid excessive soil moisture on continuous basis. Over wet soils may cause root rot diseases during dark, cool conditions. Allow soil to dry between irrigations.

    Comments: High light, longer day lengths and warm temperatures are necessary for large, well-branched plants. Purslane will tolerate hot, dry growing conditions making them perfect for regions with limited water resources.