Crop Culture Report: Delosperma Delmara®

Recommended Containers: 4” to 6” pots, combination baskets and containers

Customer Uses: Mono culture pots or mixed combinations. Excellent for full sun landscape plants in arid climates. Delmara requires no cooling and is day length neutral.

Crop Planning from cell pack:
Pot size: Plants per pot (pp) Crop Time (weeks)
4” pot (10cm) 1 pp 7 to 9weeks
6” pot (15cm) 1 pp 9 to 11 weeks
10” to 12” baskets 3 to 5 pp 7 to 9 weeks

Temperature Requirement:
Day Temperature- 72° to 80° F (22° to 26° C)
Night Temperature- 55° to 65° F (13° to 18° C)
Warm temperatures with ample light are optimal growing conditions for Delosperma. ADT below 58F may cause tips to yellow from temperature stress.

Media and pH Requirements: Use sterile soil media with a slightly acidic pH range of 5.5-6.5. Keep evenly moist and avoid stressing plants.

Fertilizer requirements: 100 to 150 ppm N constant feed using a balanced feed.

Pinching Requirement: Not required for 4” to 6” containers, might be optional for larger containers – a single pinch two weeks after transplanting .

Growth Regulators: none should be required- the best type of application, if required, is a drench at low rate. Temperature is the best growth regulator since the plants grow very rapidly with increased internode length under temperatures above 70° F nights.

Disease and Insect Pests: Aphids, spider mite and White Fly are the largest problem insects. Scout for insects and use preventative programs to control.

Comments: The Delosperma Delmara® series promotes industry leading basal branching for well filled containers and perfectly mounded landscape appearance. The Delmara will bloom continuously during the growing season. It is hardy to zone four allowing for perenniality in most all of North America.