Recommended Containers: 4” to 6 ½” containers; 8” bowl to 12” HB

Crop Planning from cell pack:
Pot Size Plants per pot (pp) Finish Time (weeks)
4” pot (10 cm) 1 pp 5 to 6
5” pot (12 cm) 1 pp 6 to 8
6” pot (15 cm) 2 pp 6 to 8
12” HB (30 cm) 4 pp 8 to 10

Temperature Requirement:
Day 65° to 75°F (18° to 24°C)
Night 55° to 62°F (13° to 17°C)
Cooler nights for finishing will enhance the quality of plants.

Media and pH requirements: Use a well-drained soil mix with a pH range of 5.6 to 6.2. Maintain a moderate moist soil condition to optimize finishing time. Avoid over watering, particularly during cool and cloudy weather.

Fertilizer requirements: Feed at 100 to 150 PPM Nitrogen every irrigation or 150 to 200 ppm Nitrogen with an alternate clear water irrigation. EC 0.08 to 1.0 is optimum.

Pinching requirements: A single pinch at transplant or just prior to transplant is ideal to develop branching low on plant and to increase quality of plants for finish.

Growth Regulators: 2,000-ppm (B-Nine) is affective at controlling plant height under lower light conditions and warm growing temperatures. Drenches of paclobutrazol or Sumagic® will keep plants short for finishing. Apply at labeled rates.

Disease and insect pests:
Aphids, Thrip, Whitefly and Fungus Gnats/Shore Flies
Thrip will quickly spread INSV (Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus) and to a lesser degree, TSWV (Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus) so spot diligently for these virus issues.
Pythium and Rhizoctonia; Lobelia is sensitive to excessive soil moisture (particularly right after transplanting). Maintain even moisture through crop life. Drench with preventative fungicides once roots have established in finishing container.