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Anigozanthos JoeJoe™

Anigozanthos JoeJoe™

Culture Crop Report: Anigozanthos Joe Joe™ Series        

Recommended Containers:  5” to 1 gallon containers

Consumer Uses:  A great focal point for use in containers because of its unique flower form.

Crop Planning from Cell Pack:

Pot Size                                   Plants per Pot (pp)                  Finish Time (weeks)

5”                                                         1pp                                          9 to 10
1 Gallon                                               1pp                                          12 to 13
5” container                 Plant week 8 (Feb 20)                        Finish week 18 (May 1)

Gallon cont.                 Plant week 8 (Feb 20)                         Finish week 21(May 22)

Temperature Requirements:

65 to 75° F (18 to 21° C)

60 to 65° F (15 to 18° C)

Note: Production during very cool temperatures, below 55 ° F (13°C), will significantly slow growth of Anigozanthos and will extend the crop time to finish.

Media and pH Requirements: A well-drained soil is required. Water thoroughly and let soil dry between irrigation.  Anigozanthos will require moist conditions during the growth and flowering stage of production (spring).  When temperatures are cool and light levels are diminished, the water requirement is reduced so let the soil dry completely before irrigation.  5.5 to 6.5 is a proper pH.

Fertilizer Requirements: 150 to 200 PPM Nitrogen with intermittent clear water irrigation to keep salts from building.  Fertilize with a low Phosphorus formulation 20-10-20 or 15-5-20.

Pinching Requirement: None

Growth Regulators:  None

Disease and Insect Pests: Rust and Alternaria: Spray with copper-based fungicide to prevent spotting on fans in high humidity growing conditions.

Pythium:  Drench with root rot preventative fungicide as labeled.  Plant in awell drained soil, preferably using well-aged bark as an aggregate.