• Nemesia Momento™


    Crop Planning from cell pack:
    Pot Size Plants per pot (pp) Finish Time (weeks)
    4” pot (10 cm) 1 pp 5 to 6
    5” pot (12 cm) 1 pp 6 to 7
    6” pot (15 cm) 2 pp 7 to 8
    8” bowl (20 cm) 3pp 7 to 8

    Temperature Requirement: 55° to 62°F (13° to 17°C) night temperatures with a minimum of 55°F (13°C) days. Soil should remain evenly moist and do not run soil too wet during cooler growing conditions. Root system will develop problems under continuous wet soil conditions and the first sign of this problem are browning of roots and yellowing of foliage along with meristem interveinal chlorosis.

    Media and pH Requirement: The optimal pH is 5.5 to 6.0.

    Feed Requirements: Feed with a balanced feed at 100 to 200-PPM Nitrogen. In a soil-less mix, additional Iron (Fe) or Manganese (Mn) may be required. Do not over feed plants when they are initially transplanted or young. Excess salts will stall growth and harden foliage. Use of Calcium and Potassium Nitrate as Nitrogen source is recommended versus ammonium based feeds.

    Pinching Requirement: Soft pinch once the plant established after transplant. They will branch freely along the stem after pinch.

    Growth Regulators: B-9 at 1500 to 2500 PPM (1500 early in crop, 2500 with mature crop). High light and cool temperatures will control the height much more effectively than any chemical.

    Disease and Insect Pests: Aphids, Thrip, Mites and Whitefly
    Botrytis, Pythium and Phytophthora: Provide air movement around plants. Do not transplant rooted cells to deep so to cover stem of plants. Allow soil to dry between irrigations and drench with preventative fungicides. Apply fungicide spray also for Botrytis after any pinching or mechanical trimming.