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Category Archive: 'OPTIMUM ANNUALS™'

Nemesia Momento™

Lupine Staircase™

Orange Yellow Rose White Red Red White White Yellow Yellow Dupline Orange Dupline Rose Dupline Rose-White Recommended Containers:  2 gallon containers or 6” to 10” pots Crop Planning from cell pack: Pot Size                                               Plants per pot (pp)                   Finish Time (weeks) 6” pot              (18 cm)                                    1                                              9 to 10 8” pot              […]

Lobularia Marineland™

Lavender Lavender White LOBULARIA MARINELAND™ VEGETATIVE CULTURE SHEET Recommended Containers: 4” to 6 ½” containers; 8” bowl to 12” HB Crop Planning from cell pack: Pot Size Plants per pot (pp) Finish Time (weeks) 4” pot (10 cm) 1 pp 5 to 6 5” pot (12 cm) 1 pp 6 to 7 6” pot (15 […]

Lobelia Oceanis™

Salvia splendens Grandstand™

Salvia Cathedral®

Fuchsia New Windchimes®

Dark Eyes Dark Eyes Neon White Red White Rose Purple Rose Purple Red White Red White Lilac Pink Crop Culture Report:    Fuchsia Windchimes® and Windchimes® Upright Recommended Containers:  4 and 6” pots, combination planters Consumer Uses:  Excellent landscape plant with an upright, branched habit and tolerance of high light and heat. Good in mixed […]

Anigozanthos Kanga

Verbena hybrida Verbena Vivid®

Brilliant Rose Deep Purple Deep Blue Peach Peach Red Basket Rose Basket White Zinfandel Purple Delicious Rose Crop Culture Report: Verbena hybridaVerbena Vivid® Recommended Containers:  Container use would range from 4” to 12” pots.  Use in combination baskets and containers. Crop Planning from cell pack: Pot Size  Plants per pot (pp)       Finish Time […]

Sutera (Bacopa) hybrida Betty®