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Begonia Rex Dibs

Streptocarpus Ladyslippers®

Blue White Center Deep Blue Vein Grape Ice Scarlet Strawberry Ice White Ice Yellow Blue Eye Yellow Pink Cap Blue Ice Streptocarpus Cultural Worksheet Streptocarpus ‘Ladyslippers™’ – Vegetative Liners from Tissue Culture Production Seasons: Rooted Liners Only Can be grown in 6” to 12” pots for weekly sales or for spring production, combination baskets or […]

Echeveria Coral Reef®

Aqua Chocolate Red Crop Culture Report: Echeveria gibbiflora hybrid Coral Reef® Recommended Containers: 4” to 6” pots Consumer use: place in large succulent combination planters or rock gardens Crop Planning from cell pack: Pot Size Plants per pot (pp) Finish Time (weeks) 4” pot (9 cm) 1 8 to 9 (summer) 6” pot/ Gal (15 […]

Begonia Rex Shadow King ®

Black Cherry Cherry Mint Cool White Lava Red Lava Red Pink Pink Rose Frost Wintergreen Spearmint Strawberry Sherbet Series: Begonia Rex Shadow King ® Recommended Containers:  4” to 8” pots, hanging baskets and mixed patio containers Consumer Uses: Hanging baskets, mixed patio containers, window boxes Crop planning from cell packs: Pot size:                                 Plants per […]