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Logos ComboGreen Fuse™ Botanicals collaborates with independent plant breeders from around the world to bring the most innovative plant varieties to our customers. Our goal is to deliver easy to grow genetics that exhibit superior performance throughout their life-cycle; from the moment the commercial grower receive our plants, to the gardening satisfaction of their customers. Green Fuse products are available exclusively through Henry F. Michell Co. in the United States and through Jack van Klavern (JVK) in Canada. Select series are available from a variety of distributors world-wide. We welcome new ideas.


Optimum Annual™

Green Fuse™ Botanicals has always promoted distinctive and high performing genetics in the annual category with plants that perform in the garden and are exceptional. View all...

First Light® Perennials

The First Light® Perennials are money makers that hit targeted selling dates, even when the weather doesn't fully cooperate with production. View all...

Life Style Plants™

Lifestyle Plants™ are selected to reflect the changing taste, preferences and gardening habits of today's consumers. All are suitable for outdoors, patio and indoor enjoyment. View all ...
Sample-Compatibles Ferriswheel


The Green Fuse™ multiple variety mixes are striking in appearance and feature a carefully selected color palette to complement any environment. View all...